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Working in partnership with others is core to what we do.  We work with others at a local and regional level to deliver transformation and future sustainability – so we can give the best care for our population, integrated around our patient needs.

Some of our partnerships include:

Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven Health and Care Partnership

The Trust’s Chief Executive is also the system lead for the Airedale, Wharfedale and Craven Health and Care Partnership (AWC HCP). The partnership supports the district-wide ambition to deliver the vision of ‘Happy, Healthy at Home’ and ensure:

  • Every neighbourhood will be a healthy place – with better prevention and earlier intervention – live longer in good health
  • Services will be planned and delivered based on the needs of communities underpinned by clear expectations of the responsibility of individuals
  • Everyone with long term conditions will have support to self-care
  • People will have fewer assessments and contacts, continuity of care supported by shared records and professional trust
  • Everyone with multiple needs will have a team that works together with them and their family/carers
  • Local hospitals will be networked with each other and with services in communities

This is being delivered through:

  • System and Partnership Working – partnership arrangements for holding system commissioning and budget conversations, ensuring greater transparency on how local money is spent and mutual efficiencies are achieved.
  • Working to a Strategic Partnering Agreement (SPA) – a framework that sets out  how we work together and our agreed system approach to shared decision making and accountability
  • Working with the Community Partnerships – creating new models of care that increasingly focus on prevention, reducing health inequalities, improving the experience of the workforce and that deliver financial and workforce sustainability.
  • Planning together – System commissioning intentions developed through community partnerships and programmes.

On a quarterly basis the Board comes together with counterparts from Bradford District in a joint Health and Care Partnership.

Act as One

The Act as One approach for the District is designed to ensure we are coordinated across Bradford District and Craven in our greater purpose to improve population health outcomes pursuing one vision: Happy Healthy at Home. In doing this we collectively aim to;

  • Ensure all our resources are purposefully deployed on behalf of our population
  • Listen to people and act on their feedback
  • Develop continuous learning and improvement
  • Hold ourselves to account for our outcomes and the reduction of inequalities

We are bringing together the right combination of people, organisations and sectors to deliver transformational change.  Ultimately, the aim is to ensure a better outcome for people as a result of working together, focused on:

  • Developing our partnership
  • Delivering our core business
  • Transforming our services

Developing our partnership focuses on relationships and behaviours, leadership, governance and decision making, resourcing and supporting our partnership and developing our partnership. Priorities include:

  • Development and review of the Strategic Partnering Agreement:
  • To support the direction of travel to system working and readiness for legislative change
  • Refinement of the partnership and what it means
  • Engagement of partners regarding our longer term vision for the partnership (boards, council leaders, trustees, members, governors)
  • Continued design and development of the Act as One infrastructure

Delivering our core business focuses on restart and recovery, planning and delivery of key priorities including;

  • Cancer
  • Impact of Covid on routine elective work and mental health (where not in scope of the transformation programmes)
  • Winter and managing with Covid
  • Children Looked After
  • Challenging inequalities in all we do

Transforming our services focuses on a series of shared programmes, including;

  • Access to health and care
  • Respiratory
  • Diabetes
  • Cardio vascular
  • Better births
  • Ageing Well
  • Children and Young People’s mental wellbeing

Visit the website here:

West Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership

West Yorkshire is a large, complex system covering public, voluntary community and social enterprise organisations (VCSE). Collectively we support 2.7million people, including 260,000 unpaid carers. As Airedale we are proud to be part of West Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership.

Since the Partnership began in 2016, we have worked hard with our partners and communities to build the relationships needed to deliver better health, care and wellbeing support to people across West Yorkshire.

The way we work together has led to genuine changes, for example in the delivery of the vaccine programme, hyper acute stroke units (the critical care people receive in the first 72 hours), vascular services, and assessment and treatment units for people with complex learning disabilities, eating disorder services and a new specialised child and adolescent mental health services being built – to name a few.

We have invested additional funding, over £2.5m in the VCSE to continue their essential work. This stretches to the delivery of care as equal partners, for example support for men’s mental health as part of our suicide prevention strategy; the Grief and Loss Support Service and our staff Check-In campaign to help prevent staff suicide, and our mental health and wellbeing hub for all colleagues.

The relationships we have with the West Yorkshire Combined Authority for the area’s economic recovery plan, Health Education England, the Academic Health Science Network, med-tech and the skills sector, including universities, helps us to look at what we can do together to develop and grow our workforce and support people into better jobs via our People Board work.

West Yorkshire Association of Acute Trusts

The West Yorkshire Association of Acute Trusts (WYAAT) is a collaboration of NHS acute hospitals from across the region to drive forward the best possible care for our patients. It also includes Harrogate as the town and it services are covered by the Clinical Commissioning groups based in West Yorkshire.

Our vision is to create a region-wide efficient and sustainable healthcare system which embraces the latest thinking and best practice so we can consistently deliver the highest quality of care and outcomes for our patients in the WYAAT area.

The WYAAT six acute trusts are:

  • Airedale NHS Foundation Trust FT
  • Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS FT
  • Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS FT
  • Harrogate and District NHS FT
  • Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust

Our patients across the region are the focus of all WYAAT’s work. Improving their experience and outcomes is at the heart of our work and brings us together.

Together, we cover a population area of 2.3 million people and for them WYAAT is aiming to make the most of our resources and expertise and provide:

  • The highest quality of services and care
  • Improved access to healthcare services
  • Better and more coordinated pathways of care
  • Access to a wider range of clinical specialists
  • The best NHS care with local healthcare working as efficiently as possible.

Trade unions

Here at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust we have a strong and effective partnership with our Trade Union colleagues.  We have a number of recognised Trade Unions in the organisation.

There is a list of our currently recognised Trade Unions here.

Read our partnership agreement here.

We continue to work in partnership on workforce changes, new ways of working, health and safety and how we achieve our Right Care values and behaviours.  Any individual is able to join a recognised trade union at any point in their employment with us and we would support any contact with a trade union representative.

We regularly review facility time in line with the Facility Time legislation as outlined in our annual report.

Prison telemedicine service

Airedale has been at the forefront of delivering remote healthcare into prisons via secure video link for 15 years.  Over the years our service, which is supported by a dedicated team, has grown to 15 outpatient specialities supporting over 40 prisons.

The substantial benefits include reduced cost and security risks associated with transferring patients out of prisons, addressing service inequalities introduced when transport is unforeseeably cancelled on the day, upskilling and support for prison staff from our specialist teams, and improved patient dignity.

Contact us

Airedale Offender Health Telemedicine Team

01535 294831